Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Factors Which Have Relationship With The Ownership Of Latrine In Sudi Mampir Village Sub District Of Indralaya Regency Of Ogan Ilir

Family latrine is a construction which is used to throw and collect the human waste which often called latrine (kakus) or toilet (WC) , till the waste is kept in a certain place and it doesn’t become the cause or spreader and pollute the environment condition.
This research has purpose to know the factors which have relationship with the ownership of family latrine in Sudi Mampir Village 2009. It’s used quantitative method and cross sectional approach, which is supported with interview. The data is got by spreading the questioner to 80 respondents people and it is supported with interview, it done on May 2009.
The result of this research shows that there is no significant relationship among age ( p value = 0,102 ), job ( p value = 1,000 ) and knowledge ( p value = 0,324 ) with the ownership of family latrine.
It is suggested to the government (Puskesmas / primary health service and health official) to give establishment and information intensively through film showing and give reward to the society has succeed to change their attitude from in opening place defecate to hiding place defecate in order to help other village society to change the attitude and behavior.